Angie Craig

Minnesota 02

National Candidate

No stranger to hardship, Angie Craig’s commitment to building stronger and safer communities comes from a lifetime of dedication to putting people first. As one of three children supported only by her single mother and grandmother, Angie experienced firsthand the unique challenges that many low-income American families undergo. Angie put herself through college just as mother did, working as much as possible to build a life for herself. Starting out as a reporter immediately after graduating college and working her way up to become the Global Human Resource Head of a 16,000 employee company, Angie has a deep understanding of the hard work that Americans put in to support themselves and their families.

She’s running for congress not to pursue a career in politics, but to provide families with access to affordable healthcare, education, job training, and all of the resources they may need to succeed. Angie and her wife live in Minnesota where they raised four boys, three of whom are currently in college and one in high school. 

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