Debbie Stabenow

Michigan Senate

National Candidate

"Senator Stabenow serves as Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. She authored the bipartisan 2014 Farm Bill, which streamlined over 100 programs, saving more than $80 billion and making historic investments in Michigan agriculture, small towns, and local food systems. Working with Democrats and Republicans, she led the passage of the bill – hailed as the most significant reform of agriculture in decades – with broad bipartisan support. The Farm Bill also made unprecedented investments in land and water conservation, with significant new resources being dedicated to the Great Lakes.

As the leader of Michigan’s Congressional delegation, she spearheaded a bipartisan review of Michigan’s military installations to help identify new opportunities to create Michigan defense jobs. Senator Stabenow’s efforts and partnerships with Michigan innovators and entrepreneurs  are making a real difference in Michigan business expansion and new job opportunities available for students interested in technical professions and professional skilled trades.

Senator Stabenow has shown that she’s never been afraid to take on special interests on behalf of Michigan families. She’s taking on the prescription drug companies to bring down costs through her bills to allow people to buy safe, low-cost prescription drugs from Canada and to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices. She authored legislation to stop raises and bonuses for pension fund executives who are slashing retiree pensions and to eliminate $22 billion in tax breaks for the largest five oil companies in the world.

Senator Stabenow knows how to get things done for Michigan by working across the aisle and never giving up. She passed a bill to stop the IRS from hitting homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages with additional income taxes, led the effort to infuse $262 million into neighborhoods in Detroit, Flint, and other communities to combat blight, rebuild neighborhoods and assist homeowners, and championed critical efforts to provide $170 million in federal assistance for Flint to repair and replace pipes and address the important health needs of children and families affected by the lead crisis."

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