Jason Crow

Colorado 06

National Candidate

Captain Jason Crow, the son of small business owners, has a genuine understanding of how working-class values combine with service and education to raise up a community. Jason worked his way through high school and college and enlisted in the National Guard and the ROTC. After finishing Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Crow served in the armed forces during multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since leaving active duty, Crow has been a powerful and respected voice for veterans, advising committees, government agencies, and advocacy organizations on local, state, and national levels. During his 5 years on the Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs he fought for protecting the equal opportunity for all to serve, alleviating veteran homelessness and substance abuse, and improving Colorado Veterans medical care facilities and programs.

Jason is a leader who works towards action and results, who rejects corporate PAC funding in favor of being loyal to the needs of his constituents. The father of two young children, he strongly supports helping our public schools thrive, demanding equal rights and opportunities for women, girls, and minorities, and protecting our environment. Jason earned his law degree from the University of Denver and currently practices at Holland & Hart, helping clients understand and comply with regulatory and legal responsibilities. Jason lives with his wife, an Associate Professor of Environmental Policy at CU-Denver who specializes in community disaster recovery, and family in Aurora.

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