Moira Walsh

Rhode Island HD03

State Candidate

"One of the reasons I ran for office, was because I didn't feel as though my neighbors and I were adequately represented at the General Assembly. I’ve lived in this community my whole life, and I know firsthand the struggles that working families face everyday. I know what it's like to choose between paying for groceries or paying for electricity. We as parents know that a good education is our children's only path out of poverty and I know the fear that comes with realizing that many of our schools are massively under resourced. Our neighborhood has many challenges, but I promise that be a voice for our community, to draw attention to the inequities within it, and to use my platform to invite real change into a community that so desperately deserves it. I want our families to have the same opportunities living on Chalkstone that they have on Blackstone."

Moira Walsh

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