Will Haskell

Connecticut SD26

State Candidate

"Will believes that the perilous financial condition of our state has scared too many young people away from building a future here. If elected to the state senate, he plans to propose policies that would draw more young people to Connecticut. He believes that investing in public transportation and enacting paid family leave will bolster our future workforce.

Like so many others in his community, Will is tired of the hearing the same empty promises and partisan infighting from Hartford. It’s time to elect a new voice who brings different ideas and an eye for Connecticut’s future. Every day, entrenched lawmakers make decisions that will impact our state for decades to come - but they’re doing so without any input from the next generation. As a stakeholder in Connecticut’s future, he’s eager to challenge the status quo and be a voice of change in the General Assembly.

Will knows this is a trying time - for our state, and for our country. With the state senate tied for the first time since 1893, this is a crucial election. Will believes it’s an opportunity to change course. His campaign is driven by the timeless questions: If not me, who? If not now, when?"

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