Every precinct. Every district. Every town. Every city. Every state..jpg

This is the principle that guides BWCS. Democrats need to be competitive in every election, at every level. 

Through rigorous vetting, the BWCS team selects and promotes candidates from all over the country. Aware of the unique issues faced by candidates in more historically Republican-leaning "red" states, we identify the most progressive candidate the area can bear.

We are not "Bernie" or "Hillary" Democrats. We are Democrats who will support a moderate Democrat in rural Georgia and a very progressive Democrat in San Francisco. Every district is different, which means that researching every candidate and every district thoroughly is our imperative.

America's strength is in its diversity. We need diverse candidates. That means, of course, diversity of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and socio-economic background, but it also means diversity of thought. We promote party unity, and the best way to unify the party is to win.

But we know that campaigns are not won over social media. 

"After the primaries," says founder Holly Figueroa O’Reilly, "our goal is to move from virtual campaign support to incorporating boots-on-the-ground organizing. Expanding a campaign’s social media reach gives candidates enough momentum to make it through the primaries and increases their odds of successful small-dollar, individual fundraising."