Carolyn Bourdeaux

Georgia 07

National Candidate

Carolyn Bourdeaux, the daughter of teachers, has spent her entire career working on public policy solutions to improve people’s lives. As the founding director of Georgia State’s Center on State and Local Finance, she is an expert in tax policy, budgeting, and economic development.

Carolyn believes that everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream, but that to make the dream possible, we must have an education system that connects children to economic mobility and an affordable healthcare system that works for everyone. During her service as Director of the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office, she collaborated with all parties to bring fiscal stability to the state budget during the Great Recession.

Carolyn was honored with Senate Resolution 1598 for significant service to Georgia. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale, a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Finance from Syracuse University.

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