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North Carolina 09

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I'm Cynthia Wallace and I serve as a Vice President in the financial services industry and have over 25 years in financial services including federal regulatory compliance and risk management. As the Democratic nominee for NC District 9, I am running for Congress to provide more responsive representation on issues important to residents in our part of North Carolina.

Active in numerous business and civic organizations, I've been chair of the 9th Congressional District of the NC Democratic Party since January 2017. My congressional district includes Southeast Mecklenburg County, Union County, Anson County, Richmond County, Robeson County Scotland County, Hoke County and southern Moore County. With the 9th District executive committee, we implemented, with great success, an 8-county strategy embracing 5 pillars - GOTV, fundraising, communications & marketing, social media, and training. With our 2018/2019 9th congressional candidate, the team helped to close the Congressional margin to 905 votes in 2018 and within two percent in the special election of 2019. 
Under my leadership, the 9th Congressional District Executive Committee expanded all 8 county committees’ political and social media presence. The team supported the run of a democratic candidate in every NC House & Senate Race in the 9th District in 2018, flipping one (1) NC Senate seat and three (3) NC House seats. Being born and raised in a small rural county in GA, I fervently embrace rural, small town America, traveling on 2 rural county listening tours with North Carolina’s Democratic State Chair in 2018 and 2019.

–Cynthia Wallace

Cynthia Wallace is running for US House of Representatives for North Carolina's Ninth District.

For voting information, visit the North Carolina State Board of Election's website.

The USPS is advising voters to mail in their ballots 14 days in advance, which is October 20 – or sooner – for the November 3 General Election.

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