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The voting rights of millions of Americans are in jeopardy. Right here in Georgia, our own Governor refused to recuse himself as Secretary of State, whose office oversees the election process, in the 2018 election cycle during his race for Governor. As a result of Georgia’s extremely aggressive “use-it-or-lose-it” maneuver, more than 560,000 voters who had not recently participated in elections were purged from the rolls. Of those purged, an estimated 107,000 people who would have been eligible to vote if not for the purge were prevented from exercising their Constitutional right to vote.

It is clear that without federal legislation created to protect voters at the state and local levels, voters of certain demographics will continue to be disenfranchised in favor of those in power. All Americans should be at liberty to exercise their constitutional right to vote. I intend to work alongside Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight to ensure all those eligible to vote – can vote, and that all votes cast are counted.

–Devin Pandy

Devin Pandy is running for US House of Representatives, Georgia District 9.

Visit the Georgia Secretary of State's website for voting information:

The USPS is advising voters to mail in their ballots 14 days in advance, which is October 20 – or sooner – for the November 3 General Election.

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