James Courage Singer

Utah 03

National Candidate

"I have a special tie to the land. For hundreds of years and 30 generations, my Navajo ancestors lived, worked, and raised families in what we call Utah. My blood is tied to the land. It's a sacred place; one set apart by the Holy People. I have an obligation to protect the sacred. That's why I will fight to protect our landscapes and ecology so that we can be better stewards of the place we all call home. Utah's environment and biodiversity are tied to our many cultural identities, and decimating the land leaves nothing for us now nor for future generations. That's bad policy and it's unsustainable. I will fight for responsible development that builds on our greatest assets, not sell them away to the highest bidder, and utilize the science we have on climate change to create solutions before it's too late."

James Courage Singer

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