Katie Porter

California 45

National Candidate

Katie Porter is an advocate and a consumer protection attorney who is ready to fight for the constituents of California’s 45th District. Appointed by Kamala Harris, Katie was pivotal in helping families recover losses from the predatory banks in the aftermath of the 2012 housing financial crisis.

While Porter may be a first-time candidate, she’s no stranger to politics and has been endorsed by Emily’s List as well as Kamala Harris and her former law professor, Elizabeth Warren. She believes in Medicare for All, a woman’s right to choose, immigration reform, and that protecting our environment and ensuring access to quality education is essential for a brighter California future.

After earning her law degree and becoming a tenured law professor, Katie founded a consumer protection legal clinic at the University of California Irvine. She’s best known for her warnings about the impending collapse of the housing market and her work to secure over $18 billion in the aftermath for California homeowners and families. Katie has three children. They live in Irvine, where she is a Cubmaster for her son’s scout pack. 

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