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Helane “Lulu” Seikaly is a proud first-generation American - the daughter of a pediatric specialist and a Registered Nurse who fled civil war from their native Lebanon. Raised in North Texas, Lulu wants to ensure that every American has the opportunity to succeed just like her family did here.

Recognized as a rising star in the employment and labor law field, Lulu specializes in employment law. As an attorney working with cities , Lulu has worked to keep violent police officers off our streets.Whether she’s working on discrimination and and harassment matters or holding bad cops accountable, Lulu is driven by a commitment to give back to her community.

From fixing our broken health care system, to fighting for science-based decision making, and getting the economy moving in a way that works for everyone not just for corporations, Lulu understands the challenges facing North Texans. While Washington politicians put partisanship first, she will stand up to both parties to do what’s right. Lulu is running to make sure everyone in North Texas has a chance to succeed.

Lulu Seikaly is running for US House of Representatives for Texas' Third District.

For voting information, visit the Texas Secretary of State's website.

The USPS is advising voters to mail in their ballots 14 days in advance, which is October 20 – or sooner – for the November 3 General Election.

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