Nate McMurray

New York 27

National Candidate

“I’m a husband, and the father of two sons. I’m a native western New Yorker, whose family roots in the region trace back to colonial times. I’m the son of a construction worker, and a mom who worked three jobs to hold our family together after my father died of cancer in his 30s.

I’m also an attorney, and a successful businessperson, who knows how to get things done. For the last two years, I’ve used that know-how serving as the Town Supervisor of Grand Island. As Supervisor I’ve done more (cashless tolls that clean air and save money, energy projects, conservation, and infrastructure) than most elected officials have done in their entire career.

Why? Because I do what’s right—not popular. And I fight for my constituents, not for my friends or the next election.”

Nate McMurray

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