Rachel Crooks

Ohio HD88

State Candidate

"Raised in Green Springs, Ohio and currently a resident of Tiffin, Ohio, Rachel is a long-time resident of Sandusky and Seneca counties. She grew up in this district and is proud of her roots. She wants to see everyone in the district thrive, not just the select few at the top.

Growing up in a hard-working, middle-class family taught Rachel a great deal. She saw firsthand how a lifetime of hard work does not guarantee access to things like quality education, affordable healthcare and a clean environment. Her dad, Pete, worked as a mechanic for Whirlpool and her mom, Sandy, is a nurse. Along with her older sister, Brianne, Rachel spent her childhood in a tight knit community surrounded by a close and loving family.

Rachel attended St. Mary’s elementary school in Clyde where her lifelong love of learning was born. She graduated in 2001 from Clyde High School as salutatorian of her class, and was a stand-out athlete, earning all-state honors in volleyball, basketball and track. Rachel is proud to be a first-generation college graduate. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Tiffin University."

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