Tom Palzewicz

Wisconsin 05

National Candidate

You can count on me to adhere to the highest protocols of integrity, including the following:

  • Disclosure of financial information and other interests that may pose a conflict in making objective decisions.

  • Transparency and accountability, through clear and frequent communication with my district and in Washington.

  • Keeping my word, being consistent in thought and action, avoiding the temptation to change my viewpoints when it suits me.

  • Acting with courage and temperance to stand up for what is right and best for the people in my district and our nation.

  • Avoiding every opportunity for self-dealing and if corruption may reveal in the course of my service, I speak out against it.

–Tom Palzewicz

Tom Palzewicz is running for US House of Representatives, Wisconsin District 5.

Visit the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission website for voting information:

The USPS is advising voters to mail in their ballots 14 days in advance, which is October 20 – or sooner – for the November 3 General Election.

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