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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

#10Questions begins 🔥NOW with #BlueWave2018🌊candidate for #OH01, @aftabpureval.

Welcome, Aftab! How are you doing this afternoon?


"Hi everyone! Excited to do this. Thanks for having me!"

Question 1

And we're excited to have you! Let’s begin with the first question we ask everyone: What inspired you to run for office?


"I never expected to be running. But I feel the fierce urgency of now. President Obama liked to say that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and I believe that. I believe we need a new generation of leadership to stop Donald Trump and change our country."

Question 2

Gun reform has been front and center in the national conversation since the Parkland school shooting last month. There have been 50 mass shootings in the US this year. What is your position on gun control and what will you do to keep kids safe?


"I was at two marches yesterday and they were incredibly powerful. I’ve also been a member of @MomsDemand for 3 years. We should outlaw bump stocks, limit magazine capacity, and ban military style assault weapons. Congress has to do better to protect our kids."

Question 3

Your district, the comically gerrymandered OH01, includes the western four-fifths of Cincinnati and borders both rural Kentucky and Indiana. What’s the biggest challenge in representing people from 13% urban, 63% suburban, and 23% rural areas?


"There’s no question the district is gerrymandered. My opponent has actually bragged about that. But whether you’re from Mason or Avondale or Cheviot, we all want the same thing: we want to leave our children a better future than we had ourselves. I’m going to fix the rigged economy, fight for middle class families, protect access to health care, make infrastructure a top priority, and stand with women and all those marginalized by Donald Trump. That’s something all of us can get behind."

Question 4

Your opponent, Steve Chabot, has essentially represented OH01 since 1994, barring one upset in '08. He is a climate change denier, wants to repeal the ACA, and is anti-choice. Is he a good fit for your district, and how are you different re: these issues?


"This election presents a clear choice. I believe climate change is real and we need to address it. I believe health care decisions are between a woman and her doctor, not the government. And I believe health care is a right, not a luxury. That's what I’ll fight for in Congress."

Question 5

This question is from @brettpransky, Democratic candidate for State Representative in Ohio's 77th House District.

"One-third of Ohio's jobs pay poverty wages, and with the recent tax cuts and "Right-to-Work" proposals, it appears that Ohio's legislators are telling big business that Ohio is the place to go if they want cheap labor and no responsibility to the communities where they locate. How can we encourage corporations to bring decent wages back to Ohio's working people?"

"Paying people a living wage is critical. I’ve made sure everyone in my office makes $15/hour. I also stand with @ohioaflcio against Right to Work. To bring good-paying jobs here, I’ll work to improve infrastructure projects and partner with businesses to attract them to Ohio."

I love that you walk the walk on $15/hr. Kudos!

Question 6

The opioid crisis is a scourge that has left no corner of America untouched but has hit Ohio especially hard. What more will you do as a U.S. Representative for #OH01 to combat this public health crisis?

"This is an issue that really hits home in SW Ohio and has impacted my family personally. We need to streamline federal opioid-related grant funding, create a prevention campaign, and improve treatment resources because we are not going to jail our way out of this epidemic."

Question 7

As Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, you revolutionized the office and brought it into the 21st century by putting more services online, ending nepotism, offering paid family leave, among other things. How do you intend on doing the same for #OH01?

"At the clerk’s office, we cut waste, ended nepotism and patronage, and saved almost $1 million so that we could invest in our people with a living wage and paid family leave. We’ve shown you can be progressive and be fiscally responsible. That’s what I’ll do in Congress."

Question 8

As everyone is well aware, there is a partisanship problem in Washington that has led to gridlock for many years. What skills can you bring to Congress to help bridge the divide?


"I can work across the aisle because I’ve done it. We worked with Republican leaders on a legal self-help clinic for people who can’t afford an attorney. We worked with GOP judges on a new domestic violence safety program. I’ll work with anyone I can for the people of SW Ohio."

Question 9

Since the 2016 election, there’s been an uncomfortable but clear division between moderate Democrats, who tend to skew older, and left of center Democrats, who tend to skew younger. What can you do to help bring unity back to the party?

"We have a track record of bringing people together. There were 3 other Dems in our primary who all dropped out and endorsed me so we could work together in 2018. Ohio Democrats are united to stand up to Donald Trump, take back Congress, and change our country."

I'm honestly so impressed by the fact that all three of your primary challengers dropped out. That really says something about your candidacy as well as your community.

Question 10

What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district?

"One major reason I’m running is to be an advocate for women. I’ve been so moved by the #MeToo movement, and we need to believe women. In Congress, I will work to crack down on harassment and assault, and I’ll fight for equal pay for equal work. I’ve really enjoyed doing this — it’s my first Twitter chat. Thanks for having me! Follow my campaign at https://aftabforohio.com/. Happy Sunday and let’s create a #BlueWave in November."

I've so enjoyed speaking with you! #BWCS' #BlueWave2018🌊is behind you 100%, so if you need anything from us, you know where to find me!

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