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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

🚨#10Questions begins NOW with @BlueWaveCS🌊candidate @Axne4Congress in #IA03!

Thanks for joining us today, Cindy! Are you ready to answer #10Q?
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Q1: We’ll begin with the most important question: what was the impetus behind your decision to run for office?

"IA03 families need a fighter, and business as usual in Washington simply isn’t getting it done for Iowa. As a mother, entrepreneur, and a concerned Iowan, I’m ready to fight so every hard-working family has a shot at the American Dream!"

Q2: Women and their families in Iowa are losing about $5 billion each year due to lack of equal pay for equal work. What’s your plan for ensuring pay equity for women and minorities?

"Every Iowan deserves the chance of a good-paying job so they can succeed. We need to level the playing field by:

✅ raising wages and passing #equalpay legislation
✅ protecting unions, not billionaires
✅ supporting tax relief for small business, not Wall Street"

Q3: Healthcare is one of your campaign's top priorities. Can you tell us why this issue is so personal for you and your plan to ensure that all Iowans have quality care?

"I got a letter saying Aetna was leaving the exchange, jeopardizing my family’s coverage. It was the third letter in 4 years telling me the same thing. Every family is living with this fear and as a mother, thinking 'What might happen to my family?' really keeps you up at night. When we had our second child, we had to sell our personal items on eBay because we couldn’t get affordable maternity care. Sadly, my story isn’t unique. We need to fix our healthcare system, not return to lifetime limits or when insurance companies could discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions and charge women more than men. Being a woman is NOT a pre-existing condition.

Iowa ranks LAST in the country for state psychiatric beds per capita. This is unacceptable! We need to work with everyone to increase mental health funding and end this crisis. Sorry this took more than one reply, but there are so many healthcare issues facing us and we need Congress to stop protecting insurance companies and start representing IA03."

Not at all! Thank you for being thorough. Thank you for fighting for millions of people who have been through the same healthcare nightmare!

Q4: You’ve made the care and protection of the environment one of your priorities, including advocating for renewable energy development in Iowa. What are your plans to combat threats to the environment?

"Climate change is real. We see it right here in IA03. Droughts are a yearly strain on our food supply and put farmers at risk. Iowa needs to be the renewable energy leader it can be by protecting our rural communities, our environment and fighting for green jobs."

Q5: You fought to pass all day public kindergarten in your local school district after realizing that their lottery system left a full ½ of children without all day K. How does that experience inform your campaign platform?

"Every child deserves a great education. So when children in West Des Moines were denied full-day kindergarten, I had to do something. We fought successfully to expand full-day kindergarten to every child because we can’t treat early education like a game of chance. We need to invest in STEM, community colleges and trade schools. We need to expand Pell Grants and cap interest rates on student loans because Wall Street shouldn't profit from our students. A high-quality education shouldn't take decades to repay."

Q6: Between 2009-2012, Iowa’s social safety net reduced poverty by ⅔ lifting roughly 410k Iowans above the poverty line each year. What’s your plan to protect the existing safety net while improving upon it?


"Work hard, play by the rules, and Social Security and Medicare will be there for you. It's the Iowa way.
Well, Republicans are attacking that promise. We cannot let Trump, Paul Ryan, and David Young privatize or defund these essential programs."

Q7: IA03 is home to 40,000 veterans in need of healthcare when they come back home. Veterans commit suicide at a rate of one every 65 minutes. What’s your plan to modernize the VA?

"We’re proud that over 40k veterans call IA03 home. But I’m not proud that America lets them down when they return. We need to reform and modernize the VA, so they receive the healthcare, skills training, job opportunities, and essential support they deserve."

Q8: Your campaign has pledged not to take any corporate PAC funds. What’s your plan to address campaign finance reform?

"Return democracy to the people! We can’t let corporations and mega donors buy our elections. We need legislation forcing outside groups to disclose their donors. Unlike David Young, I’m not taking corporate PAC money because I’m answering only to the people, not the special interests."

Q9: The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought sexual assault and violence front and center in the past few months. What will you do to make sure that women’s rights are protected?

"I know every woman has encountered sexism and discrimination because I’ve experienced these barriers firsthand, too. I’m disgusted by Donald Trump and politicians who every day find new ways to undermine Iowa women. Last month, Republicans passed the 'Fetal Heartbeat Bill' and turned Iowa into the MOST restrictive state for a woman’s right to choose. Flipping IA03 will stop this blatant assault on our rights.

In Congress, I’ll fight back and I won’t stop until all women are empowered in this country. I’ll demand women get paid the same as men and have access to the same opportunities. I’ll relentlessly protect a woman’s right to choose. When Iowa women succeed, Iowa families thrive."

Cindy, thank you so much for talking with us this evening!

Q10: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district, and where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it?


"It’s Pride Month and while we’ve come very far in the fight for LGBTQ equality our family members, friends, and coworkers still face discrimination. It’s why I’ll fight for the Equality Act in Congress to prevent discrimination by employers, landlords, and anyone else."

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