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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

🌊🌊🌊#10Questions begins now with family practice physician and @BlueWaveCS🌊#TX31 candidate @DrMann4Congress

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Christine! Are you ready to answer #10Q?


"Yes! I'm so excited to join you tonight!"

And we're thrilled to have you! ❤️

Q1: We always begin with the most important question: what inspired you to run for office? 
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"A series of things, really. I've been politically engaged for about a decade, working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I've done phone banking, block walking, and voter registration for years, and am a voter registrar in 3 counties in Texas. So running for office has always been a consideration. I figured I'd do it after I retired from my medical practice. Then the 2016 election happened. I was distraught at seeing the policies coming out of this administration. This was especially true where POC, women, and immigrants were concerned. Seeing pictures of tables of white men smiling as they made decisions that adversely affected women was especially galling.

I decided to step up my activism and became the leader of my local Indivisible chapter. With that group, I scheduled visits to my MOC's offices for groups of concerned citizens. After the first visit, I was told that I could no longer make appointments. The senior staff said that they had heard all they needed to hear from my group. I was appalled. You can hear more about it with my pinned video on Twitter. I decided that something needed to be done, and that I would do it! So now I'm running for his seat."


Q2: Back in January, someone hung a noose over a campaign sign in a lesbian couple's yard. Tell us a little bit about where you stand, not only on LGBTQ rights but human rights in general, especially with Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearings earlier today.
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"LGBTQ Americans are exactly that: Americans. People's rights are not up for debate nor should the be up for a vote. Unfortunately, that's where we find ourselves under this administration. I see only one way to correct course: through voting. It is clear that this administration will not protect people so we must #VoteThemOut."

Q3: There are 250k undocumented construction workers in Texas making up 30% of the state’s construction labor force. 5.6% of the state’s GDP comes from construction. Where do people think all of those workers are going to come from if Trump deports them and gets his wall? #10Q


"I have no idea! It's just crazy! What's worse is that investment in infrastructure not only creates jobs, it has a return on investment of between $1.50 and $3 for every dollar spent. That's a huge deal! Not only can we improve our roads and bridges, we can stimulate the economy and put people to work. We could invest in solar or wind, as well as work on water issues throughout the district and Texas. It is so shortsighted!"

Ugh...agree. He's the dumbest.

Q4: Recent studies have concluded that states with greater access to birth control and comprehensive sex ed have a lower rate of teenage births and abortions. What’s your plan to make sure that women’s healthcare is protected in Texas?
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"This is an especially vexing issue in Texas. The Texas Legislature has gone into overdrive trying to limit women's access to care. As a physician, it is maddening. I've spent my career giving women the tools that they need to prevent pregnancies and abortions, and supporting women's bodily autonomy. When I see and hear the outright lies and distortions of science coming out of legislative bodies from the state to federal level, I get so frustrated. The evidence is there as you so clearly stated in the question. But we only have around 24 people serving in Congress with science degrees, so it is no wonder that we have trouble getting science into those rooms. As the #VoteProChoice candidate in this race, I want to take my knowledge and experience using science into those rooms to give all women the same tools I have given my patients."

Dovetailing: Q5: You’ve specialized in family medicine in Texas for 18 years so you know families make difficult decisions when faced with the cost of healthcare. What’s the first thing Congress should do to ensure that quality healthcare is affordable and accessible for all?


"Healthcare happens to be the number one issue on people's minds when they go to vote. And they should be worried. The assault on our healthcare system has been non-stop since the start of this administration. I have been an advocate for as #SinglePayer healthcare system since 2009, and I've only grown stronger in my support over time. I've seen the devastation to patients when they cannot access care.

I am in favor of a transition. Step one is to secure the Affordable Care Act so that all those who gained coverage under the law are protected immediately. This would involve expanding and investing in Medicaid and making sure that the healthcare exchanges are adequately funded. Concurrently, we would drop Medicare eligibility down to age 55, then gradually lower the age until all are covered. The transition would be written into law, not left up to future Congresses to tinker with. That way, patients, business, and the economy would have time to adjust. Everyone would know when the changes were coming.

Since healthcare constitutes 1/6 of our economy, it is important that we make sure things stay stable. Adding younger, healthier people to Medicare would actually make the system stronger and more viable. And eventually, everyone would be covered. No more worrying about changing jobs, moving across state lines, or having a pre-existing condition. Not to mention all the paperwork you can avoid every time your insurance changes! My favorite quote about #MedicareForAll comes from @JimHightower: 'You're born. You get #Medicare. The end.'"

I love that! 😁
I'm betting the incumbent doesn't agree...

Q6: John Carter (R) has been the representative in #TX31 since the district was created in 2003. What makes you the candidate who can beat him this year? #10Q

"First, I have extensive expertise in the issue that is bringing voters to the polls: Healthcare. Putting a #DrInTheHouse will balance the current playing field when we write the next round of healthcare law. Right now, there are 15 physicians in Congress. All are men, 13 are Republicans. So if voters want a different perspective working on those negotiations, then we need to elect female Democratic physicians. There are, I think, 6-7 of us left running right now.

I've been an activist at the local level for a decade, so this is not new to me. I've been working on behalf of the constituents in #TX31 since I moved here in 1999. I'm ready to take on John Carter with evidence based solutions to our very real problems. I'm always looking at the data and using it to inform policy."

Q7: You recently voiced your disappointment that fewer than 6.5% of voters turned out in local/municipal elections. What needs to be done to increase voter engagement and improve the voting laws in Texas for more genuine representation? #10Q #TX31

"Sigh. This was so disappointing to me. As far as voting access, that is one of my top 3 issues. I've been registering people to vote for a decade. And it's really sad seeing the barriers that have been implemented. I'm in favor of automatic voter registration, a holiday for Election Day, and restoration of the full force of the #VotingRightsAct.

In terms of voter engagement, I just think people are exhausted and busy. They don't always see how politics affects their daily lives, and they don't always have the time to do the necessary research to be involved. We have the idea in the US that politics should not be discussed in polite company. I disagree. I think it is imperative that we discuss politics with friends, coworkers and families. Our lack of talking about it has led to the immense divides we are seeing between parties.

Candidates and parties need to make themselves more accessible. I've held four Town Halls and will continue to do so through the campaign, and continue when I'm in office. I block walk so I can reach voters where they live. When we show up at their doors, we are showing them that they matter. That we are not taking them for granted. We need to to more of that."

We at @BlueWaveCS agree! Social media is great for fundraising and getting the word out there, but boots on the ground and being face to face with voters is what really wins elections. And we're happy to help with both! Thank you so much for talking with us today!

Q8: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district, and Q9: Where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it? #10Q #TX31

"Veterans issues. My district is home to the largest military installation in the world: Fort Hood. I've seen the issues veterans face both in my practice and while campaigning. And they feel that their needs are being ignored. Our military personnel and our veterans are asked, and they offer, to lay down their lives for our country. They and their families should be taken care of without question.

Veterans face high rates of suicide and homelessness. They face barriers re-integrating into civilian life. They bear the physical and mental scars of their service. We should always make sure that we are working for them, as they have been willing to sacrifice for us.

I appreciate this opportunity, @AynRandPaulRyan! Anyone who wants more information can go to my website http://Christine4Congress.com. There are donation and volunteer buttons on the page. Thanks everyone!"


#10Questions Dr. Christine Mann Texas