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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

🚨#10Questions begins NOW with @BlueWaveCS🌊candidate, nurse practitioner, college professor, and research scientist, @HeatherforAZ in #AZ06. 

Thanks for joining us today, Heather! Are you ready to answer #10Questions? #SundayMorning

"Yes, I am ready to go. I am excited for this opportunity!"

Q1: We’ll begin with the most important question: what inspired you to run for office? #10Questions #AZ06 #SundayMorning


"After spending the last decade advocating at home and DC for my patients and my profession, I knew that Congress and specifically my representative would never vote to protect the health of the people in our community. Congress is playing political games with people’s lives and that needs to stop."

Q2: In a recent tweet, you said, “We need good jobs, wage growth, and an economy that works for every Arizonan. We must not demonize working families.” What is your plan to achieve wage growth and job creation? #AZ06 #10Questions #SundayMorning


"Wage growth and job creation will follow from a strong education system. I will promote affordable access to college education, prioritize job training for 21st century jobs in all sectors. Lasting changes will come from giving teachers and staff the support they deserve. In Arizona, we are in the midst of a giant change with our #RedforEd movement led by both teachers and support staff to get the resources they deserve."

Q3: People think of climate change mainly affecting the coastlines but Arizona is poised to suffer more than most other states. What are your positions on climate change?
#AZ06 #10Questions #SundayMorning


"One thing we have plenty of in my district is sun. We have a real opportunity in AZ to combat climate change by promoting renewable energies that will bring a cleaner environment and great jobs to the region, along with a more secure energy system resilient to foreign attack."

Q4: You are a nurse practitioner, so it makes sense that healthcare is a major plank in your campaign platform. What is the first thing you will do to stabilize the ACA? #AZ06 #10Questions #SundayMorning

"One of the biggest challenges in the ACA is that many insurance companies have left the marketplace. We need to ask them what it will take to bring them back to the table. While we have that conversation, I want to protect and expand Medicare by letting those over 55 buy in as a public option. That will help both risk pools work better. These are the types of short-term solutions we can implement to shore up the ACA while we work on a long-term solution to ensure that every American has access to affordable healthcare."

Q5: You’ve been outspoken about your position on gun reform, which has stayed front and center in the media thanks to #MarchForOurLives and groups like @NoRA4USA. What can be done immediately to keep our schools and communities safe? #AZ06 #10Questions #SundayMorning


"Any new gun reform has to start by enforcing the firearm laws we already have. I stand with the majority of Arizonans and Americans who support universal background checks and closing the gun show and private sale loopholes. Right now, it is illegal to have a digital, searchable firearm registry in the U.S. We must fix that so that law enforcement officials can do their job to protect American families.

I am very glad that the CDC is finally allowed to do research into gun violence so that we can make smart evidence-based policy to reduce and eliminate injuries and deaths from gun violence for all Americans. I want to give a special thanks to the young people across Arizona and America who are leading the conversation on this issue. Thanks for inspiring me and so many others to fight harder for our safe future."

Q6: In addition to being a nurse practitioner, you’re also a college professor who directs a graduate program in professional ethics. What is your plan to promote higher education opportunities, from 4-year college to vocational schools?
#10Q #SundayMorning

"I am proud to teach at @ASU under my mentor @michaelcrow who is a national leader ensuring that higher education is affordable and accessible to Arizonans and people around the world, using technology and meeting students where they are. I’m a big proponent of public-private partnerships and high quality apprenticeship programs through partner businesses and unions for skilled labor. We have a great start on this type of lifelong learning in Arizona, and there is much more to be done. I benefited greatly from subsidized loans and work-study opportunities to put myself through college and grad school. Every student and family should have access to those types of tools to build their own future."

Q7: You’ve said, “I propose a comprehensive national cybersecurity plan that includes education for every American about digital privacy and security so that citizens can protect themselves from attacks to their identity and security.” What's the first step in this plan? #10Q

"We need education for every American about digital privacy and security starting in our K-12 schools going through adulthood. And we need better communication among our security agencies. Right now, it is keeping them from doing their job."

Q8: Your opponent, GOP incumbent Schweikert, compares unions to Nazis and calls Democrats "the parasite class." His office also has an ethics complaint pending. This seat is competitive for the first time since 1992. Why are you the best candidate to beat Schweikert? #AZ06 #10Q

"I am a healthcare and policy expert with a long track record of service for the people of Arizona. I will bring this expertise to Washington and go to bat for all the people of Arizona. I’m out every day talking with voters across my district who tell me they are hungry for change; they want a true problem solver to represent them in Congress. That’s what I do. I’m a nurse. I care for people, not turn them away when we don’t agree. And that's one thing this district hasn’t had. I will bring my nursing ethic and track record of community service to Congress for my district and all Arizonans and Americans."

Q9: The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought sexual assault and violence front and center in the past few months. What will you to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere? #AZ06 #10Questions #SundayMorning

"I’ve been a target of sexual harassment throughout my nursing career. However, it has been much uglier since day 1 of my campaign for Congress. I haven’t tried to cover it up, because silence is complicity. People ask me what is the hardest part of running? It is explaining to my daughters why people online are telling me to take my clothes off, and why people call my phone wanting to have sex with me. (Not as flattering as you might think.) We can’t afford to allow that kind of abuse to continue to lurk in the shadows. I will continue to build a safe place for people to have those conversations, and to shine a light on the sexual predatory behavior."

Nope, not flattering at ALL.😡
Thanks so much for taking the time out of what must be an incredibly hectic day! Q10: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district, and where can people learn more about and support your campaign? #10Q

"More than ⅓ of the people in my district rely on Medicare for their healthcare, and will face cuts this October because of the tax bill that my opponent wrote. As a healthcare provider, I know firsthand how critical Medicare is for our older adults and our entire healthcare industry – the largest industry in my district. I will fight to protect all Americans – not just billionaires at the top. You can find more at  https://www.heatherforaz.com/volunteer "

A HUGE thank you to @HeatherforAZ for taking the time to talk with @BlueWaveCS🌊today!

"Thanks @AynRandPaulRyan I really enjoyed it, thanks for helping us turn #AZ06 Blue!"

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