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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

#10Questions begins NOW with @BlueWaveCS candidate @KateBrownForOR, running for re-election for Oregon Governor. Thanks for joining us today, Governor Brown! Are you ready to answer #10Questions?


"Ready to roll!"

Q1: Here’s the first question we at @BlueWaveCS ask everyone: What inspired you to run for office?


"I started my career as an advocate for women and families in Oregon, and I felt like state government could be doing a lot more to help support those Oregonians. I actually was asked to run for my first elected position, but now I’m running for re-election as Oregon Governor because in the current political environment, we must protect our Oregon values and fight for high-quality healthcare, strong schools and good jobs."

Q2: Nearly half of Oregonians live in the Portland metro area and half live in smaller cities and rural towns in the rest of the state. What kind of challenges arise when serving a state with a wide variation in population densities? 


"I’m running for governor to continue to be a leader for all Oregonians. That’s why, after traveling the state and listening to our communities, I’ve worked to make sure that policies are crafted so that they benefit all areas of the state, urban and rural. Some issues I’ve worked on include expanding access to the internet, growing good jobs, ensuring access to health care services, revamping roads and bridges, and supporting communities that have been impacted by wildfire and drought."

Q3: As Oregon’s Secretary of State, you led the push to enact the country’s first automatic voter registration law. How has that changed the things for the better in Oregon? 


"Your vote is your voice, and every voice matters. We needed to make voting easy and accessible for every eligible Oregon voter. That’s why I championed the first in the nation Automatic Voter Registration law. After Motor Voter, we saw a 14% jump in voter registrations for 2016 election! I'm proud to have worked to get more ballots into the hands of more Oregon voters."

Q4: 10 years ago, Oregon was among the handful of states targeted by the GOP REDMAP project. Today, outside money still pours into Oregon elections. Why is Oregon such a white whale in national GOP politics?


"Oregon is a progressive beacon of hope for the country – we’re defending healthcare, we’re passing environmental protection laws, we’re standing up for women’s rights. And that’s a threat to the conservative big-money agenda that is sweeping our nation right now.

Right now there are two dark-money groups running attack ads against me. They’re using falsehoods and over-the-top tactics, and Oregonians are fed up. These groups hope they can buy Oregon Governor, but to that we say: We’re not for sale."

Q5: Since 2015, Oregon has passed three new gun safety laws. How were you able to do so in the midst of our polarized national debate about guns? 


"Oregon is no stranger to gun violence. We grieved together after the horrible tragedies at Umpqua CC, Reynolds High, and Clackamas TC, and I vowed that I would work to make Oregon a place where this would never happen again. Because we all think that Oregon should be a place where everyone feels safe at school, shopping, or walking down the street, I led the effort to pass several gun violence prevention laws with bipartisan support.

In February, I was already working to pass a bill to prevent dating partners who have been accused of domestic violence or stalking from being able to buy guns. Then Parkland happened. I was proud to sign this bill into law, making Oregon the first state to take action to prevent senseless gun violence after Parkland."

Oregon becomes first state to add new gun law since Parkland shooting

Q6: In 1987 the Oregon Legislature passed a sanctuary law with wide bipartisan support. (Only 2 no votes.) In 2018, Oregonians vote on Measure 105. If passed, it repeals the law and its protections against racial profiling. Have Oregon values changed so dramatically in the last 30 years?


"Here in Oregon, we believe in fairness and looking out for our neighbors, and I don’t think that’s changed in the last 30 years. Now more than ever, we have to defend our laws that work well to protect our communities from racial profiling. However, my Republican opponent supports the repeal of this racial profiling protection law, which was passed decades ago with broad bipartisan support. We can’t risk electing a governor who doesn’t stand with our Oregon values."

Republican Candidate for Governor Knute Buehler Says He’ll Vote to End Oregon’s Status as a Sanctuary State.

Q7: Republicans in Congress are threatening to kill the ACA, cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. What steps have you taken at the state level to mitigate the impact of these potentially devastating cuts?


"Every Oregonian should have access to quality and affordable health insurance. That’s why I passed expansions and stood up to ACA & CHIP rollbacks. I also signed a bill that ensures all Oregon kids have access to healthcare. In January we faced an in-state attack on our healthcare, which would have cost 430K Oregonians their coverage. Luckily, we stood strong and the state resoundingly passed the measure. Again, my Republican opponent voted to take away healthcare from Oregonians."

Q8: When you took office, Oregon had one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the nation. What factors contributed to this situation and what are you doing lead the state out of it?


"For too long, Oregon schools have been underfunded. Oregon can only reach its potential when students reach theirs, so I’ve prioritized students, educators, and services to boost our graduation rate and prepare kids for their futures. My plan is for an education system from cradle to career, where every student graduates with a plan for their future. It includes preschool for low income kids, smaller classes, a 180-day school year, and increased CTE investments."

Education Policy Agenda: Every Oregon Student Engaged, Empowered, and Future Ready

Governor Brown, it has been such fun talking with you today! Last two questions: Q9: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district? And Q10: Where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it? 


"Thanks for chatting with me, don't forget to vote in November! 

Oregon is a very special place, and we have to protect it. We passed the nation’s 1st law to phase out coal electricity entirely by 2030, and I stood strong against the Trump Admin's proposal to open up our coast to offshore drilling. Oregon governor outraged at offshore drilling

My campaign is fueled by grassroots support, and your support is key. Visit katebrownfororegon.com to donate, sign up to volunteer, and learn more. Also follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/KateBrownforOR. Thank you!"

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