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#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

#10Questions begins NOW with BWCS candidate for SC04, @VoteLeeTurner 

Thanks for joining us today, Lee! Are you ready to answer #10Q?

"Hello! And thanks for having me! Let's go!"

Great to have you!

Q1: We’ll begin with the most important question: what was the impetus behind your decision to run for office?

"This whole thing chose me, I didn't choose it. I was an ordinary citizen… dismayed we had Trump as prez, angry, outraged and with nowhere to go with it. I understood what had just been proposed was the fleecing of America, and at that moment I knew I was going to do something about it. Someone was gonna listen to me. Someone was gonna fear me. Someone was gonna represent me. So I stepped up and stepped out. Along came Tax Reform and Steve Mnuchin waving that one piece of paper. The first four subjects out of his mouth were big tax giveaways to the wealthy."

Q2: You’re a tax professional and you’ve been outspoken in your disgust for the GOP Tax Scam. What will you do to reverse the damage caused by this administration’s Tax Reform?

"We need to immediately reform tax reform first! We need to trim ALL the fat off the top… hopefully at least a trillion $$ of it. Close all the corporate loopholes. Put the top bracket reductions back to previous levels. Use tax reform where it is sure to stimulate GDP, such as making the entire student loan debt payment deductible from taxable income – not just the interest portion. Make the cost of raising a child more fully deductible. We need treasury funds being squandered on tax gifts to the wealthy for the rebuilding of infrastructure and education."

The wealthy certainly don't need any tax gifts!

Q3: Healthcare is one of your campaign’s top priorities. Can you tell us why this issue is so personal for you and your plan to ensure that all South Carolinians have quality care?
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"Healthcare is a right of every American. Health insurance premiums have quadrupled over the past 4-5 years. We must follow the lead of the other industrialized nations of the world and move our system to a universal Medicare-for-all system. Further, if we remove the burden of healthcare expense from the employer, the employer could absorb a materially higher minimum wage without impacting their bottom line. A higher wage base creates more in Social Security tax revenue plus federal tax revenue."

Not having healthcare linked to your employer is a win-win for everyone, I agree.

Q4: You’ve made climate change one of your priorities, including advocating for renewable energy development in South Carolina. What are your plans to combat threats to the environment?

"First and foremost, the US needs to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord. Climate change impacts regions of the US differently. SC doesn't suffer as much as other regions with rising temperatures. That said, we have a valuable coastline to protect. South Carolina enjoys a $13 billion tourist industry which is inducement enough to return the EPA to the job for which it was intended – to protect the environment. We need to look to mass transit here in South Carolina to reduce our carbon footprint."

I rely on public transit!

Q5: Greenville has been as ranked one of the best places to live in the country. Home prices are increasing faster than income levels, leading to a shortage of affordable housing. How will you address this problem?

"Affordable housing is a HUGE issue in the 4th District of South Carolina. Prosperity and the related gentrification have taken a major toll on the lower income and the working poor as they get pushed further and further out into the county. We must land-bank such that properties can be bought when prices are still reasonable. Offer tax credits for the building of affordable housing – or even better – mixed income level neighborhood development. Vastly improve public transportation."

I wish I could vote for you! My city faces the same problems.

Q6: BMW is one of the largest employers in Upstate SC. Auto tariffs could directly impact the local economy. What will you do in Congress to protect SC04 workers?

"Trump's proposed tariffs are DISASTER for the 4th District of South Carolina as well as for all of South Carolina! Even the South Carolina Republicans don't agree. The South Carolina worker needs protection in many ways – not just from the effects of tariffs! We must fight tariffs and fight for a livable wage."

Speaking of Republicans....

Q7: SC04 has been Republican-controlled since 1979. It’s the wealthiest AND one of the most conservative areas in South Carolina. How will you address the needs of your district as a Democrat?

"First and foremost, I seek office to represent those that need help. Generally that would not include the wealthy. That said I must persuade the wealthy/conservative that 'fixing' the problems of the working person is actually in their best financial interests. I think it's doable."

Appeal to their pocketbooks, yes. It seems to be the only thing some care about. 

Q8: You’re a @MomsDemand Gun Sense Candidate and you spoke at March For Our Lives. What are your plans for gun reform?

"Gun reform is such a hot button issue in South Carolina. The GOP gubernatorial candidates are hyping 'Constitutional Carry' for crying out loud! If we would adhere to the tenets of the 2nd Amendment and provide a 'well regulated militia', we would get somewhere. We must have universal background checks, longer waiting periods, stricter certification and recertification training and testing. And bottom line, weapons of war have no place in the civilian world. We must control them tightly."

I couldn't agree more!

Q9: The Me Too and Times Up movements have brought sexual assault and violence front and center in the past few months. What will you do to make sure that women’s rights are protected?

"The first thing we can do is make it easier on people to come forward. Unfortunately, much of this is dictated by societal thinking. Today's slut shaming from the top makes it worse. We must continue to push back there. I believe the 'crisis' will resolve itself over time as the perpetrators see the consequences of their choices, as they see one after another pay the price for bad behavior. The movement that is now ongoing is what we need, responsibly managed."

Thank you so much for speaking with us today!

SC04 Vote for @VoteLeeTurner Tuesday, June 12!

Q10: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district, and where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it?
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"Rebuilding America is like building a house… we must start with a solid foundation. That foundation is the wage earner and small business. We must rebuild America from the BOTTOM up. Not the top, not the middle. The bottom up. Affordable housing, livable wages, public transportation are the most pressing issues in the 4th District of South Carolina. 

Thanks so much for inviting me! I have a rousing Facebook page and a website. Also have my 'on the street videos' on a YouTube channel Lee Turner for Congress. Please donate! Please VOTE June 12th! https://www.leeturnerforcongress.com/."


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