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This #10Questions interview was conducted by #GeeksResist member @StormResist. Thanks for allowing us to include it on the BWCS website!

#10Questions begins 🔥NOW with @peter_joffrion running in #AL05. Thanks for joining us today, Peter! How are you this evening? #COTD


"Wonderful! It's great to be with you this evening."

Q1: Here’s the first question we ask everyone: What inspired you to run for office?  #AL05


"The election of Trump in Nov. 2016; coupled with inspiration by the @womensmarch; together with ongoing administration attempts to dismantle democracy and AL05's desire for #LeadershipThatListens."

Q2: As a lifelong North Alabamian, what do you think makes your district unique? #AL05


"We've got astronauts and cotton fields side by side. #AL05 is a dynamic mix of long-standing federal employment with @NASA, Missile Defense, and TVA, as well as traditional agricultural and industrial economies, with a wealth of natural resources like the Tennessee River."

Q3: Alabama is a beautiful state and I have enjoyed visiting many times! How will you work to protect the environment that your communities and businesses rely upon? #AL05


"We need to promote renewable energy and push for transition to all renewable energy sources. We must ensure that the EPA is fully funded and functional. Enforcement of clean air and water protections is a must."

Q4: You spent 28 years working for the city of Huntsville as an attorney. How has this experience prepared you for success as a legislator? #AL05


"I spent over two decades as a job creator, handling some aspects of every public/private economic development partnership that involved the City of Huntsville, bringing over 20K jobs to the area. As City Attorney, I had to negotiate complicated and delicate relationships among elected officials, private citizens, and the business community. Doing so requires a significant degree of relational intelligence. I'll take those skills to Congress."

Q5: There are 21,000 people currently imprisoned in AL. How does Criminal Justice reform figure into your platform? #AL05

"It is in the top tier of my platform issues. The US incarcerates more of its citizens than any other developed country. It is both a human rights issue and an economic issue, and we must provide better alternatives for non-violent offenders. We're criminalizing poverty in this country, and we must find effective ways to bridge the income disparity gap in order to reduce poverty, which will reduce crime. We must return sentencing discretion to judges, instead of requiring mandatory minimum sentences."

Q6: Your campaign slogan is #LeadershipThatListens. What does that mean to you and the voters in your district? #AL05

"The incumbent, Mo Brooks, is the least bipartisan member of Congress, according to the @TheLugarCenter. He's more interested in an A+ rating from the Heritage Foundation than he is in addressing the needs and concerns of #AL05 constituents. He refuses to hold public town hall meetings, and he has alienated everyone except his base. I'm a bridge builder. I'm not concerned about ideology, and I have one special interest – the citizens of #AL05."

Q7: Speaking of bridges, what solutions do you support to help rebuild the infrastructure in Alabama, especially in the rural areas? #AL05

"Congress has to step up to the plate in funding a massive infrastructure bill. As a MoC, I'd fight to prioritize crumbling infrastructure in #AL05 with access to schools and employment corridors as a top priority."

Q8: Student loan debt and threats to public education funding are 2 concerns facing our nation. How will you work to ensure that all Alabamians can count on quality education – from Pre-K through career training? #10Questions #AL05

"Although most funding for education occurs at the state level, I'd fight for increased funding for initiatives that promote public education at every level. Private education has its place, but public education is a cornerstone of our democracy. Not everyone can, or should. go to college. It's imperative, however, that we provide quality trade skill education consistent with current employment demands."

Q9: Affording medical care is an issue that many families in Alabama and across the country struggle with. What proposals would you support to improve access to health care? #AL05

"I'm a big believer in universal healthcare, and if countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia can provide it at much lower cost with better outcomes I know that we're capable of doing the same thing. Quality healthcare is critical for industry recruitment. When rural hospitals close, those areas are no longer attractive to employers. Therefore, Medicaid expansion in AL is necessary in order to sustain rural hospitals."

Last Question!
Q10: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting #AL05?

I feel strongly about the way our veterans are treated. Our district is home to Redstone Arsenal and many veterans, and they deserve timely, quality processing of their medical and administrative needs. Bonus issue! I'm also in full support of equal pay for equal work! Women in this country deserve to be fairly compensated for their work."

I am definitely in support of that! 

Thank you for joining me this evening, Peter! I appreciate you taking the time to share your views and your platform on how to make #AL05 a better place. Where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it? #10Questions


"I'm here on Twitter, and people can follow me to keep up with the campaign. You can also visit my website and donate to the campaign there. Every donation makes a difference! https://www.peterjoffrion.com/

Thanks so much for your time and support!"

Any time!  Let's see that #BlueWave keep on building!

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