What is #10Questions

#10Questions is a Twitter interview between one of our candidates and our founder, Holly Figueroa O'Reilly. Follow along with us on our BWCS Twitter.

🚨#10Questions begins NOW with @BlueWaveCS🌊#KS03 candidate @sharicedavids!

Thanks for talking with us, Sharice! Are you ready to answer #10Q?


"I'm ready! Let's do this!"

Q1: We always begin with the most important question: what inspired you to run for office?

"I was serving as a White House Fellow during the chaos of the Obama-Trump transition and saw firsthand the need for qualified, experienced people to step up and get involved. I’ve never waited for someone to do something for me – I knew now was the time for me to take action. I’ve never seen myself or my life experiences represented in our Congressional leadership. I want to do my part to change that – for myself and others. Representation matters. We recognize that truth now more than ever."

Q2: @GovJeffColyer permitted child-placement agencies in Kansas to refuse interaction with families who "violated the organization’s religious beliefs" (i.e. LGBTQIA+ families)

How will you fight this state-sanctioned discrimination?


"There are no openly LGBTQIA+ members of the #ksleg that legalized this discrimination. So the voice of that community wasn’t even heard in the debate. Again – REPRESENTATION MATTERS. I will fight discrimination first by simply being a strong voice in that discussion. And I'll for sure work like mad to support the candidates running to replace those who voted for this disgusting legislation that not only harms LGBTQIA+ families, but the 7K+ kids in our foster care system in need of loving homes."

Q3: You attended @JCCCtweet and @UMKansasCity before earning your law degree from @CornellLaw. How important has public education been in your life and how will you work to keep quality public education funded and accessible in Kansas?


"Public schools gave me the foundation to go from community college to an Ivy League law school. They’re the heart of our economy and communities. We need a strong partner at the federal level to ensure every student gets a quality public education regardless of zip code or ability."

Q4: You’ve made the care and protection of the environment one of your priorities, including advocating for renewable energy development in Kansas. What are your plans to combat the environmental threats in #KS03.

"Protecting our planet is key to our future and our economy. We need policies to encourage a shift to a system predominantly comprised of renewable resources. I will focus on ways to capitalize on renewables as a mechanism for job growth and skill development. Kansas specifically has the opportunity to capitalize on the wind energy sector, as our region has one of the highest wind energy production potentials in the world."

Q5: You’ve promised not to take any money from the gun lobby. What is the first thing you’ll do in Congress to promote gun reform?


"I’ll do more than offer thoughts and prayers – I’ll take action. I’ll fight for immediate fixes (closing loopholes, expanding background checks, increasing the minimum buying age) while working for comprehensive solutions that include studying gun violence as a public health issue."

Q6: #KS03 comprises two counties, Wyandotte and Johnson, home to some of the wealthiest residents as well as the poorest. This disparity is evident in health outcomes – Wyandotte has the worst outcomes in the state while JoCo has the best. How will you address that?

"There’s great work being done by many in #WyCo to address the disparity in #KS03. I’ll start by amplifying that work and those voices. I strongly believe solutions will come from working within the community with the support of legislation – not the other way around. Kudos to @CHCofWyCo and @MOREsquared and @HCWyco to name a few."

Q7: Your election would be historic for several great reasons – including flipping your district for the first time since 2010. What can you offer the constituents of #KS03 that your current representative has failed to provide?


"My campaign is uniting the district to change the face of Kansas politics. We’re not the state of Sam Brownback, Kris Kobach, and Kevin Yoder. We’re so much more. Yoder doesn’t represent us – he’s a rubber stamp for Trump and a mouthpiece for special interests. We deserve better.

I’m not here to be a voice for anyone. Women, minorities, working families – they each have their own voice. But I will listen and learn and amplify their experiences, their voices, and their values. I will put people over party and I’ll never back down."

Q8: You’ve been outspoken in your support for Dreamers and the DACA program. What are your first steps toward making sure that immigrants are protected?

"As a private citizen, I was arrested in an act of civil obedience standing up for Dreamers. As a Congressperson, I’ll continue to stand with immigrants and all those who have been left out or left behind. We need immediate and comprehensive immigration reform that offers a clear pathway to citizenship and honors our country’s promise to protect those who were brought here as children. Any and all immigration policy must recognize and honor America’s heritage as the 'land of opportunity' and respect the dignity of all people."

Sharice, it has been an honor and a pleasure talking with you today. The core team at @BlueWaveCS (@For_Cripes_Sake and @lena_eisen) and I were just talking about how much we want you to win!


Last two questions! Q9: What is one issue we haven’t covered today that is an important one affecting your district, and Q10: Where can people learn more about your campaign and how to support it?

"Thank you so much for spreading the word about this campaign! It will take all of us working together to make the change our country so desperately needs right now. I appreciate your support!

We touched on the disparity in health outcomes between #JoCo and #WyCo. Everyone in this country should have easy access to quality, affordable healthcare. That means getting people covered, but also ensuring everyone knows how to utilize coverage and can access quality care.

Progress is undefeated. We just have to fight for it. I welcome everyone to join me. You can learn more at ShariceForCongress.com and you can easily invest in our historic campaign at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/shariceisafighter."

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